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Sorry i sended the comment from the poster in shopping. Iñaki salum

In this poster I can see many pictures that shows a lot of freedom. Ok my opinión, the pictures shows a lot of freedom because the they show that you have to be free and You what You want. Also shows that of You are diferentes than the others You have to keep calm and do what You like to do. For me the best picture is the once that has a los of guys in yellow and one in blue because the blue one is being himself and the others are like robots. Iñaki Salum

I think that it is a very good abd helpful video because if you yravell to london you know about the markets that are there corrected version tomas rocca

From Santiago Rodrígues da Cruz: I like this poster because the pictures show freedom. I like the one that shows the actor Noah Schnapp because he is my favourite actor and he is just a kid. Also, Noah´s parents told him that he mustn´t be an actor but he did what his heart said and now, he is one of the most famous actors in the world.

For me, this video show us the variety of markets all around london, where you can buy things like clothes, food, toys and a lot of more things. It recommends you where you can go, a cheap and good place to go shopping with your friends and family. Santiago de Salas

For me this video is very interesting because it teach you the best shops of london to go if you are a tourist or if you watnt to buy clothes,food, jewellery or to have a breakfast. emiliocastelli CORRECTED VERCION

I see a photo that, for me, Is incredibly . In a picture you can see a Lot of baloons. And one baloon Is separated from the others. Ir represents The Freedom. That the photo Is abstract but ir have a real message. For someone that message can ve uninteresting. But it represents our Freedom THOMAS GOMEZ KRENZ

For me the poster centers on the freedom. Because in one photo you can see a bird that Is free but in other cases you can see someone that isnt free. For example one photo Is about a boy that disagrees with His father. THOMAS GOMEZ KRENZ

For me the best picture is the once that have a lot of ballons, I relate it when I go to the country side, because there I can do more things than in my house.SEGUNDO GOLÉ

In this poster I can see many pictures, those pictures shows a lot of freedom.I think that shows a lot of freedom because the pictures say that you have to be free and confident. Also shows that being diferent isn´t bad ,showsthat you have to follow your way and you can´t leave any one to change yor thinking, that´s why I say that show a lot of freedom.

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