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That one was the corrected version.

I think it's a very interesting and entertaining video because it has a lot of good and useful information, which can help tourists and visitors to choose the right place to go shopping. It's also a brilliant video ´cause it shows when are these shops open and, it gives the viewer recommendations of things that he/she should do in each place.

From: Bruno Bertini It´s very interesting because you can buy different things, like food, clothes, flowers, books, necklaces, rings, etc. cheaper than in other places like in the Mall or the Supermarket. This "Shops" are for some days of the calendar in the cities and then they take of all the shops. This "fairs" are on some parts of the world, so you can go to visit this fairs in your cities.

I also believe outdoor shopping malls are better than indoor malls, because street markets are much more interesting for tourists since they often look for handcrafts and traditional souvenirs, which aren't always sold at indoor malls. They are usually less expensive than big shopping centres and have a nicer atmosphere. Tobías López Matheu. Corrected version

From my point of view, the video is helpful and useful for tourists. It shows a whole variety of street markets in London, where you can buy clothes, food and other stuff such as jewelry, handcrafts. It also shows the opening times, and the items each store has, which are for all interests and ages. It looks like these markets are very popular, and usually crowded. Tobías López Matheu. Corrected version.

I also think it is very interesting because all the stores are outdoor and are less formal than other several indoor shopping malls. You would think that because of this most people would go to indoor shopping malls, but that is not the case with these stores. You can see in the video that many people where in the outdoor and less formal stores. I think this is because of the wide variety of items the stores have. Jose Maria Kishkill Corrected version.

In my opinion this video is very interesting and useful because it shows how in one place there can be several things to buy that are not the same. For example, if you go to Nike you will find a lot of things to buy but they will all be related to sports. But on the stores in the video had such a variety of items to buy, that you could choose more “freely” and not buy items from the same genre.

I think that this video is very useful and good because if you travel to london this video tells you how are the markets there and what you can buy there

I think that this is a very useful and helpful video because it shows different markets where you can buy different things, typical from London, such as jewellery, clothes, flowers and food. It also describes times and days hat this places are open, location and what you can buy in each market. In my opinion, I prefer open markets than malls because you can learn more about the culture and tradition of the country you are visiting. Iñaki Salum

In my opinion this outdoor markets are awesome for tourist and people who dont want to spend much money. Its great to have so much variety, you can buy from shirts all the way to food. Santiago_Rapan

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